Red Aunts + LAMPS at The Echo

First show of 2018 and holy shit, it was a show I desperately needed. Work was full of meetings this week and while I wasn’t necessarily in all of them, many of them happened in our shared work space, which made it hard to get my edit on. However Friday night, I was requested in join in on the party’s at hand and ended up staying two hours late.

Not complaining but I was ready for fun at that point. I met my friend Kannah for a Tofu House dinner and then we headed out to Echo Park. First band up was a loud and fast punk band called LAMPS. Good times and I got a damn good ringing in my ears. The second band was the headliner, Red Aunts, an So-Cal early 90s band with some rad sounds.

Kannah, being at her first punk show, had a deer-in-headlights look the entire time — especially when the moshing began. I hadn’t moshed in a while but the excitement took over and I eventually jumped in. The Echo crowd never really gets into it enough for my tastes, but one happy dude and another mosh-ready girl were up for it and we had a jolly ‘ole time slam dancing.

One girl who got a little too excited — she spent most of the Red Aunts set sitting on the stage with her ass hanging out of her jeans — got into a fight with a burley dude and both of them got promptly kicked out. That might have been the last straw for Kannah’s punk shows.

Red Aunts themselves were fucking amazing and the only reason I have the LAMPS photo as the cover is because the Red Aunts set was too damn fun to stop and take a photo for.


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