The Perfect Sick Day

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I enter the office sniffing and wheezing. A huge video shoot is planned next week and all I want to do is sleep for ten winters. I guess no one ever does get sick at convenient times. I always say that I don’t believe in the typical American cultural belief of working while sick and I always let myself down by coming into work and not resting.

I actually did stay home for two days last week but felt guilted into staying on board this time around when I was his with a post-weekend relapse.
What would my perfect sick day consist of?
• Sleeping in really late.
• Staying in bed watching a very Vince-is comfort entertainment: Tangled, How To Train Your Dragon or a 90s WWE pay-per-view. I will give up watching half-way
• A soup or noodle run. This would ideally be my only outside interaction for the day.
• Back home to sleep.
• Finish my comfort entertainment.
• Pop in a sleeping pill for more snoozes.
Alas, I am not getting this week and am instead working several hours late each night. What the positives? I’m working slow and the lack of rest is keeping this cold lingering. So none. So I can only hope that I slowly get better while I dream of proper recovery.

What would your ideal sick day be?

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