Just A Guy Who Rides

As I cycled up the hill in the night’s darkness, I can see that we aren’t even near the top. The pain is a bitch, but it is always worth it at the end. These ride climbs always have rewards once we reach the top. There’s of course the immediate view from the top and feeling of self-satisfaction from beating a challenge. The third reward is then the exciting and fast ride downhill a.k.a. “bombing the hill”.

Group cycling has been a weekly thing for me for a while now. Most of the rides are from the Tuesday night ride I participate in, City Night Shift, and the others are from a splinter group that my friends and I created, collectively calling ourselves Team Dork.

City Night Shift is the most consistent ride I participate in. We meet Tuesday nights in downtown Los Angeles, ride for usually around 20-25 miles (more or less) and end the night hanging out at a diner, restaurant, bar or brewery. It’s where I met all of my cycling friends and is really the highlight of my week.

Springing from an Instagram chat that some of us CNS’ers are in together, comes our own group called Team Dork, where we usually plan our own bike rides during the weekends or sometimes Friday nights. The weekend ones are typically day rides, which is nice for a change in lighting.

I love riding my bike and it’s the best way to hang with friends. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t call myself a cyclist. I don’t know the first thing about bicycle brands or bike maintenance. So rather than call myself a cyclist, I prefer to be just a guy who rides. And here are some of my favorite photos from this year so far.

Photo: City Night Shift’s third anniversary bike ride @ Helipad in Griffith Park.
City Night Shift’s third anniversary bike ride at Helipad in Griffith Park.
Processed with VSCO with g2 preset
City Night Shift cycling through Sunset Blvd in Echo Park. I believe this was last Tuesday.
City Night Shift in downtown Los Angeles. February?
Team Dork climbing to the edge of Angeles National Forest.
After a City Night Shift ride: midnight pizza and beer in Echo Park with friends and the ducks.
Team Dork hanging at Barnsdall Art Park.
The common reward at the end of a Tuesday ride: $2 slices and $2 PBR’s at Pizzanista! in the art’s district of L.A.

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