Sego at Bootleg Theater

I rode my bike down to Crawford’s to meet some friends for a bit too many brews and fried chicken before the Sego gig at the Bootleg Theater. I had never been to the bar that early on a weekday before and was somewhat surprised by how packed it was. I parked my bike near the pool table and promptly ordered fried chicken and my first drink.

We hung out for a few hours before walking to the Bootleg a few blocks away. It was my first time seeing them but since I trust the friends who invited me’s music taste, I was confident it would be rad. And rad it was. After the show, we stalked the merch booth until one of the band members came out and we bought some hats and tees. It was cool shooting the breeze with her. If I can, I really want to catch their post-tour show in L.A. at the end of the summer.

My spiffy Sego hat.

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