Moving to Beijing

I crack open my beer can of Tsingtao and sigh. Hello, blog. The automatic WordPress domain charge to my bank account reminds me that this baby exists.

Some things have happened since June 11th. That last post was followed by a fantastic summer of bike rides with my cycling crew, baseball games with friends, and me finally quitting my job of three years to move back to Asia. I’m currently in Beijing and loving it.

It’s been an autumn of new friends, lots of food, having a new job that I like, seeing new places, and even revisiting old friends.

I don’t see this site becoming a travel or expat blog, but I did throw up some new sections on here — Beijing Life and Traveling – for whenever I feel like writing about it. In the end, I still prefer keeping this site more as a personal journal.

Temple of Heaven
Houhai Street
Houhai Lake

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