Return to Hong Kong

Back in Hong Kong after about two years and staying for the longest time since I moved away in 2014. This was one of my few travel experiences where the plan was to not explore intensely and instead chill to catch up with friends. Beyond that, I just wanted to revisit old spots, especially since time was short during my last visit.

Mong Kok
First order of business: Eating at a cha chaan tang.
Dinner at King’s Lodge with zine friends, one of whom being a former publisher of my zine, Like Like. This was also the restaurant where I had my final Hong Kong dinner on the night before moving in 2014.
In line for the mini bus out to Shing Mun.
An afternoon hike at Shing Mun Reservoir.
Shing Mun Reservoir’s path.
41783481_1942606842709395_5017719926239859107_n (1)
COWS (Shing Mun Reservoir).
One of many monkey (Shing Mun Reservoir).
The end of my favorite biking path in Hong Kong, Tai Wai to Tai Mei Tuk.
Tai Mei Tuk
42004011_319820285416774_1254087270817160662_n (1)
A zine outing at Komune bar.
Checking out my friends’ of Queer Reads Library at CultureFest for my final day in Hong Kong.
My purchase!

5 responses to “Return to Hong Kong”

  1. HK is my favourite place! I hardly get chance to go there these days, but I think I’ve been there about 15 times (including visa runs).


    1. Nice! What was your favorite thing about it? It’ll always be my second home.

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      1. I love how pedestrianised it is and you’re never far from anything you need because the lower levels of buildings are all shops etc. The first time I went there I was amazed at how shops/restaurants were just everywhere and it was so clean. Where I’m from, Nottingham, you have to go to the city centre to be able to really do anything.. But in HK even places far out have restaurants, shops and all sorts of businesses. Also, island hopping – so many vastly different landscapes in such a small area. It was my first taste of Asia too, so maybe that’s also given it a special place in my heart.

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      2. So true with all that! Good point with the islands. In Hong Kong you can have such an easy scenery change from city, hills, or islands all within one hour.


  2. I’ve been here for a month, and there’s so so much to explore!


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