The Great Wall of China via Gubei Water Town

My second time visiting the Great Wall! It’s a long time coming because:

1. I should visit it again since I lost my camera during my first Beijing visit way back in 2013.

2. If you have easily see a Wonder of the World more than once, why not?

This time around, it was for a work video shoot and I had to lug around equipment while following around the video hosts. Luckily, I enjoy these kind of shoots so it was a win-win for me.

The section of the Wall we hit is called Simatai and can be reached after walking through an old water town called Gubei. It sits upon a reservoir with several canals running through. It is a definite tourist hot spot but walking around on a chilly December weekday left it free of crowds. And once the hike up the wall began, that chilly air helped with the sweating.

It was definitely a better visit than my first Wall outing and for that, I give the day a Vince thumbs up.

44783224_214917069410042_2406631291862099015_n (1)

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