Summer Solo LA Century Ride

With July ending, I realized I hadn’t done a solo century bike ride since last summer (century ride = 100 miles).

Luckily, the stars seemed to align for me, timing-wise:

  • I was off work for one more week!
  • School-wise, I could afford to take a day off.
  • The weather hadn’t been super hot. Thank you, climate change?

The time was now.

My completed route

The map above shows my finished path. The beach was the easiest and Palos Verdes had the most climbing. The line from Long Beach to Montebello was 100% on a bike river path. My original plan was to continue that path past Montebello and farther northeast to Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale, but I slept in too late and was losing sunlight. I had to change my ending route because river paths can get dicey at night. There was initially worry about this change in plans because I had taken the Irwindale way last year to make it to 100 miles. However, thankfully, I had started from Koreatown to Santa Monica, which gave me extra miles at the start (last year I did Koreatown to Marina Del Rey).

With some extra credit climbing/pain at Elysian to end the ride, I made it home at 102 miles without having to backtrack to make that three digits in miles. Late night Dominos and AEW wrestling was my reward.

Arriving at Santa Monica
Climbing Palos Verdes (1/2)
Climbing Palos Verdes (2/2)
A pudding snack at Extraordinary Banana Pudding in Long Beach. I was addicted to their San Diego location while visiting for my friends’ wedding.
Atop Elysian Park. Not pictured: victory beer.

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