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Seoul, Take 3

Stepping off the plane with Zeppelin by Korean artists Anda and Primary blasting from my earbuds, I found myself in Seoul for the third time in my life. There would no angsty Rome reunion with Hyerin this time around and that was a good thing. […]

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Here’s a little ditty of pics from visiting Najing in September for a work trip. My favorite part was definitely the Fuzimiao area, with lots of lights and a pretty rad Confucious Temple. The downtown area was pretty nice at night too. I’m just a […]

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Moving to Beijing

I crack open my beer can of Tsingtao and sigh. Hello, blog. The automatic WordPress domain charge to my bank account reminds me that this baby exists. Some things have happened since June 11th. That last post was followed by a fantastic summer of bike […]

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